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  • Portable Line Boring Machine Tools | Mobile Bore Repair ...

    Portable Line Boring Machine Tools | Mobile Bore Repair ...

    As a supreme portable line boring machine supplier, Toportable research and manufacture series of portable line boring diameter ranges from to inches (35 to 2000 mm).. With innovated designed mounting bracket, modular components, spherical bearing, selfcentering setup cones, and customizable drive unit, it can be easily set up and work in the most of tight spaces.

  • TOOLING (10)

    TOOLING (10)

    boring heads milling collets arbors mills and drills milling taps and dies fixture plates american engineered machines lathe tools lathe collets lathe chucks lathe cutting tools ...

  • ISCAR Cutting Tools

    ISCAR Cutting Tools

    Milling . Hole Making . Reaming . Boring . Tooling Systems . Multifunction Tools. Boring. Shanks: Extensions and Reducers: Toolholders: Fine Boring Heads [2µm] Fine Boring Heads [10µm] Rough Fine Boring Heads: Rough Boring Heads: Site Map GrooveTurn Parting ...

  • Online Boring Head Ealog | ANN WAY Collet Chuck

    Online Boring Head Ealog | ANN WAY Collet Chuck

    Online Boring Head Ealog | ANN WAY Collet Chuck. Products. Tool Holder. BT / NT Series. AMG Double Power Chuck. BT / NT Series. ASG High Speed Milling Chuck. BT / NT Series. ASC High Speed Milling .

  • Hemingway Kits Boring Heads

    Hemingway Kits Boring Heads

    Large Boring Head Piston Type Ref: HK 105X: Designed by Dr J. Beddard. A substantial boring head that is capable of boring and facing up to 6" nominal diameter. Based on a robust, well balanced phosphor bronze casting, with piston slide adjustment and positive locking, this new boring head is ideal for use on the milling machine.

  • Boring Head Shank Cutter Set CNC Milling Tools Kit High ...

    Boring Head Shank Cutter Set CNC Milling Tools Kit High ...

    Boring Head Shank Cutter Set CNC Milling Tools Kit High Hardness Boring Bar Tool Set MT4/MT5F11/218 Boring Drill Bits Kit with Wrench for Milling Machines: : Tools Home Improvement

  • Replacement and upgrade milling machine heads for ...

    Replacement and upgrade milling machine heads for ...

    Replacement Milling Machine Heads. Replacement heads for Bridgeport, Topwell, First, Kent, Supermax and most Taiwan made Bridgeport clones. If the Tsot in the ram on your machine has a 6" diameter, these should fit. A complete system. The replacement head will bolt directly onto Bridgeport and all Taiwanese Bridgeport clone rams we have seen.



    Boxed boring head kit with all the utensils to bore between 8mm 280mm capacity within 2m increments. About Tuscan Carefully selected by our tooling division, the Tuscan range of workholding and accessories aims to supply high quality products at competitive prices.



    2. Finish boring head (fitting one cutting insert pocket) 3. Micro boring head for small diameters (fitting indexable boring bars with cutting insert pocket) All of these heads are radially adjustable to produce different bore diameters. Finish and Micro boring heads have a graduated precision dial readout to mm. on diameter.

  • M182


    Back Home Machine Tool Accessories Milling Accessories Boring Heads M182. BC2K Precision Boring Head Kit Ø50mm Head. Requires Spindle Arbor To Suit Machine. M182 1 of 3. Case Open 2 of 3. Top View in Case 3 of 3. TOOLMASTER. Order Code: M182. exgst. incgst 1 Year Warranty. 1. Add to Cart.

  • Boring Systems | Cutwel

    Boring Systems | Cutwel

    Shop online today for Boring Systems. Modular Boring systems are excellent for large diameter hole making with fine adjustment. UK next day delivery!

  • J and E Engineering Cylinder Boring Page

    J and E Engineering Cylinder Boring Page

    While your cylinder block is out of the car and stripped for reboring it is a good idea to remove all of the core plugs and clean out all the sludge that has accumulated inside the water the years these deposits compromise the cooling systems capability. The core plugs can also corrode through from the inside and at this stage they will be easy to change.

  • Teknik Makina Kesici Takım

    Teknik Makina Kesici Takım

    Teknik Makine has been established in 1987 in Turkey. Teknik Cutting Tools started to produce cutting tools in 1994. Over kinds of tools are produced in new factory building loed in Fourth Industrial Area of Konya since 2015.

  • HHIP 3 Piece Boring Tool Set (2 Inch Head MT3 ...

    HHIP 3 Piece Boring Tool Set (2 Inch Head MT3 ...

    3MT Boring Tool Set ~ Includes a 2" Head, an 3MT Shank, and a 1/2" 9 Piece Boring Bar Set ~ The boring head bar holder moves freely and smoothly. ~ The boring head design assures superior rigidity for chatterfree boring and precise hole size accuracy. ~ The boring head has a hardened and ground adjusting screw designed for long lasting and trouble free use. ~ The tool capacity is up to 1/2 ...

  • kit boring heads mill

    kit boring heads mill

    Boring Head Set MT3 at Anyone creating models or any fine precision work in smaller scales will be glad to see this new Boring Head Set These smaller, yet sophistied sets sport a dial with calibrations of .001" and .050" per revolution, sockets for 3/8" boring bars, 9/16" hole offset and dovetail slide with locking clamp Comes with 3 boring bars, wrenches, and ...

  • M184


    Manufactured from high grade steel. Heat treated for durability and consistent accuracy. Suitable for milling machines or CNC appliions. Capacity of 10240mm. Graduations Includes: 1 x 12mm shank carbide boring bar. 1 x 18mm shank carbide boring bar. 1 x 1812mm boring bar sleeve.

  • Mill: Tooling

    Mill: Tooling

    Boring heads, clamping kits, collet chucks, end mill holders, and other tooling that works with most mills : Contact Us (800) 981 9663 Your Orders Cart On Sale Value Packs New Products All Products Catalog Store Loion Outlet Store . Have you seen? Rotary Table, 4" Precision, Digital Readout .

  • Boring Head Combo Kit –

    Boring Head Combo Kit –

    Accurately bore holes or refinish holes with your mill. The set includes a 2" boring head and a ninepiece carbidetipped boring bar set. It features three mounting configurations for the 1/2" shank cutting tools to allow you to bore holes from 3/8" 5"+ in diameter.

  • Precision Boring Head Kit

    Precision Boring Head Kit

    The boring head allows the boring bar to be adjusted at a right angle to the spindle axis. This feature makes it possible to position the boring cutter accurately to bore holes of varying diameters. Directreading adjustment screw is hardened and ground, has an easytoread, nonreflecting satin chrome dial face for accurate adjustments of

  • TTC MMAP7 Boring Head, R8 Shank, Boring Bar Set, Vise ...

    TTC MMAP7 Boring Head, R8 Shank, Boring Bar Set, Vise ...

    Travers Item #: TTC MMAP7 Boring Head, R8 Shank, Boring Bar Set, Vise, Clamping Kit, R8 Collet Set Milling Drilling Tooling Package